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Social means sustainable Change.


The Project: Empowers Teenage-Mothers in need.

In February 2019 my best friend and I travelled as volunteers to Uganda to support the social project ESHE. ESHE empowers teenage-mothers in need in Kireka Banda, a slum on the outskirts of Kampala, to nurture life. The project equips young mothers with appropiate knowledge and life skills that will enable them to break out of the vicious circle of poverty.

The Status Quo: Poverty and missing opportunities.

The mothers supported by ESHE get pregnant in a very young age and little or no support is given by their families, as pregnancies at such a young age are not accepted. As a result, the mothers find themselves in a hopeless situation, have to look after their children and at the same time have no chance of a future.

The living conditions are poor, there is neither running water nor electricity, mothers and children are exposed to diseases due to the lack of hygiene in the slum. Domestic violence is part of everyday life. Due to the lack of school education, they have no chance of a secure and humane future.

Jackie Nakato on her community center.

Jackie Nakato, founder of ESHE and director of the Community Center, has been working in the communities for over 10 years and her experience is that empowering young mothers is the first step towards a change.

ESHE Facebook Site

The Goal: A better future for young mothers and their children.

In 2011 Jackie Nakato, a social worker from Kampala, founds ESHE. Jackie herself is the mother of 3 children, including 2 foster children, and has opened a Community Center in Kireka Banda thanks to donations last year. The center, which is constantly growing, is on one hand a contact point for the young mothers and their children to exchange expierence, to get lessons on domestic violence, birth control and HIV prevention and on the other hand a training center where the teenager can learn handcraft skills to help them to become capable of acting in their own lives. Thanks to further donations and proceeds, ESHE will soon be able to provide the children with a school education. As soon as the classroom has been completed, furnished and the teacher has been hired for the next few months, the project can start. The children are already very excited and can hardly wait, which makes ESHE and us very happy.

Our contribution: Work, independence, donations and sustainable competencies.

Bracelets and bags are accessories for us, but for a mother in a slum they can mean financial independence and true self-determination. ESHE wants to strengthen the young mothers and teach them how to provide and build a future for themselves and their children. Social Spirit is happy to support this by making advance payments and enabling ESHE to buy materials such as fabrics and papers for handcraft lessons. For every purchased product, a portion goes directly back to the project. For ESHE Social Spirit makes contacts, collects donations and is always there for help and advice.